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Giving you the hair that you want with the Knowledge to Maintain it!
9 reasons you will love Hybrid Salon!

1. The check-in: Not only will you be welcomed with a smile, but every guest is offered a beverage, and coat check. Magazines are available and first time guests receive a tour with promotional cards for various products and services.

2. The environment: It’s a huge deal! You will be spending time with us and some services require a couple hours. We want to make it is a fabulous experience. The vibe is up and the positive energy will be flowing. The music will be on and I guarantee you will see people smiling.

3. The retail offerings: We always have a promotion running. Sometimes there is a special one day promotion and sometimes they will last a couple months. We like to have options available so everyone gets a special buying opportunity.

4. The services: Every service we offer has been tested by us. We don’t promote anything we wouldn’t do for ourselves and we always have a way to customize it for you. This is not a one size fits all salon and we make accommodations whenever necessary.

5. The training: We are absolutely an education based salon. As a matter of fact the owner is opening a cosmetology school! We have an extensive training program for our service providers and no one is set up to do services they aren’t equipped to handle.

6. The honesty: If there is one thing that can create an unpleasant experience its providing a service that someone shouldn’t have. It won’t happen here. If it’s not right for you, your hair, your skin or your nails we will let you know in the consultation and come up with a new plan. It’s our job to help and if we need to help with a new plan then by all means we will.

7. The at home maintenance: One of the most important parts of your service is how it will work for you at home. We will recommend the proper products, tools, services and technique based on your commitment level. The service we provide is only successful if it meets your needs during and after your visit. It is of great importance to us that you can recreate your look at home.

8. The creativity: That’s right, we are a creative team. When one of us needs inspiration another will be there to help out. With so much collaboration it’s no wonder many of our guests see multiple stylists!

9. The location: We are surrounded by some amazing local business with an absolute community feel. The Westmorland and Midvale Heights neighborhoods are two highly desirable places to live and the Sequyoa Commons has been a lovely addition. We are grateful to be part of it and know you will enjoy visiting.

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